was set up to facilitate the conversion of paper-based documents into electronic format for better management, which means faster and easier archiving, retrieval and distribution. Each document is scanned with extensive page-by-page quality control, using state-of-the-art equipment.

We provide a variety of services, from scanning to indexing and repository of electronic documents. Storage takes the form of your preferred media, such as CD or DVD, and retrieval is made easier with the help of a built-in search engine. Our services can easily be customized to conform to your imaging requirements and your current software/hardware setup.

ImagingWorks helps companies:
¤   Create a reliable backup of files, in case of calamity and archiving disasters
¤   Simplify document search, retrieval and distribution
¤   Control confidential document reproduction and distribution
¤   Cut down on the creation of excess copies
¤   Save on photocopying costs
¤   Minimize employee downtime
¤   Manage large volumes of documents without using up large storage spaces
¤   Control handling of original and sensitive paper documents
¤   Safeguard documents against unauthorized access

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