Benefits of Digital Conversion
Here are just a few of the ways digital conversion can help your bottom line:
Drastically increase your overall efficiency
Documents can be retrieved in seconds instead of minutes, hours or even days if documents are being stored off-site. Employee hours are used more effectively and best of all, customers enjoy improved response times.
Reduce storage requirements by up to 98%
Take a look at the space you are currently using for paper storage. With digital conversion, that space could be used to expand your business or, if you have off-site storage, reduce another business cost.
Improve document security
Mother Nature can destroy your stored paper documents with a fire or flood, putting you right out of business. Digital conversion lets you keep a copy of your files securely and off-site. Man-made technology can destroy data with power outages or network crashes. With digital conversion, CD-ROM and optical laser disks offer virtually perfect data integrity translating into zero loss of data. Human interference can destroy the confidentiality of your information. Digital conversion lets you restrict access to your files and gives you added peace of mind.

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